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Air Handling Unit

The air handling unit is an integrated piece of equipment consisting of fans, heating and cooling coils, air-control dampers, filters and silencers. The purpose of this equipment is to collect and mix outdoor air with that returning from the building space. The air mixture is then cooled or heated, after which it is discharged into the building space through a duct system made up of five-feet diameter pipes.
The comprehensive range of Air Handling Units that we offer allows us to deliver the best individual solution for any customer. Our R&D work focuses on reducing energy consumption and creating factory complete air handling system solutions with controls.

Everything from single supply air or exhaust air units to complete units with heat recovery, energy efficient components and built-in control and regulation systems are available.
         1. Robust construction resulting in reliable and longer life.
         2.Application flexibility as per desired indoor conditions.
         3.Low noise energy efficient.
         4.Hinged service door in fan section for easy access to fan  & motor.
         5.Higher indoor air quality.
         6.Pre-filters pleated to provide more filter area.

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